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Rosemary Local is an online store that supports local creatives, selling their products as well as giving the audience an opportunity to gain insight of their background, inspiration and motivations.


What sets Rosemary Local apart from other online platforms is the total support our creatives receive in the production, promotion, sale and distribution of a product. Rosemary Local creatives’ sole responsibility it to do what they love, which is create. 

For a lot of people, having a creative outlet is a time out from their busy schedule, an opportunity be mindful and focus entirely on what they are doing. Rosemary Local's goal is to ensure a creative can continue to have this time by taking care of the logistics involved in selling their products.


For other creatives, selling their products through Rosemary Local may be the beginning of their career as an artist, a way for them to try different things; exploring different themes, mediums and explore working with different sources of inspiration. We supports creatives by not only taking care of all that goes into selling a product online, but also give real life feedback of what products are appealing to an audience.

Founder Rosie Popa began Rosemary Local in September of 2020 while training full time as an athlete on the Australian Rowing Team. Through her time as an elite athlete in a fully supported environment, Rosie identified that this amount of support is lacking for those who are passionate in their art, leading to less people being able to fully explore what they are capable of creating. She decided to create a platform to fulfil this need.  

At the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020(2021), Rosie and her crew mates were crowned Olympic Champions in the Women's Coxless Four event. To Rosie, this would not have been possible without the support, encouragement and motivation that was cultivated by those around her. 


Rosie is a first generation Australian, the daughter of rowing Olympic medalist's Ion and Sue. Ion is Romanian, Sue is American, they have both lived in multiple countries throughout their life. Rosie’s parents have instilled in her the importance of supporting and being part of local communities, as they are instrumental in creating a sense of belonging no matter where you are in the world. They also encouraged Rosie to have a strong understanding of who she is; understanding what create the essence of self is pursuing what you love and makes you happy, and most of all knowing that you are enough. 

Rosie is motivated to create a community through Rosemary Local that is a supportive platform for creatives, allowing them to continue building confidence and competence in their creative processes, as well as doing its part to continue to support local communities.

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