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bianca litchfield

Bianca is located in Melbourne, Victoria. She has completed her Bachelor of Science, as well as her Masters of Applied Sport Science. She gained an internship at Collingwood Football Club earlier in 2020 which has since been cut short to COVID19.  

For Bianca, art and design has been a way of self expression. She had not been able to dedicate as much time to her art while working and studying, but has found it to be a  therapeutic outlet for her during the pandemic.

Bianca is exploring what she can create with bold colours and shapes. She is inspired by things she enjoys and people she admires.

Bianca has recently opened her own Etsy store, and is the creator or the "Biggy" and "MJ" prints.

bianca'S WORK

'Biggie Smalls' _ Bianca Litchfield
'Biggie Smalls' _ Bianca Litchfield
'Michael Jordan' _ Bianca Litchfield
'Michael Jordan' _ Bianca Litchfield



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