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Bettina Berry

Bettina was born in England. She attended The Eastbourne School of Domestic Economy in Sussex, specialising in cooking, catering, sewing, embroidery and also wedding cake design. Bettina traveled the world refining her culinary skills in the Mediterranean, Switzerland, America, large English country Estates, weekend shooting parties and board room dining rooms.


Bettina met her Australian husband in England, together they moved to Melbourne where they had two children, Hugo and Oscar. 


Bettina connected with her love of cooking and horses to help adjust to a new life in Melbourne.  She founded Burrowes Park - a business that sells homemade, preservative free mayonnaise. 

Bettina has now sold Borrowes Park, and after many joint operations has decided to re-establish her sewing skills by creating hand stitch lamp shades. 

"Home is where the heart is, in these testing times creating something beautiful to incorporate into your home environment is what I would like to share" - Bettina Berry. 

i: @bespokelampshadesmadebybettina


bettina'S WORK



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