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Each month Rosemary Local features a local creative who has a company they have developed. We ask the featured creatives about their journey from having idea, putting that idea into action and establishing their own company.  We’ll talk about the challenges, as well as learnings that come with going out on your own and starting a new business. The featured creatives will also give some insight and advice to other local creatives wanting to do the same. Enjoy reading up on some awesome people doing great things, make sure to check out their website to see more.




Our first featured creative is Ruby Herrera, the co-owner of Mixed Millennial. Being mixed is an experience shared by many, but discussed by few, so Ruby and her co-founder, Taylor, decided to start the conversation. Mixed Millennial designs meaningful, handcrafted jewellery that represents and celebrates the mixed identity. Their goal is to connect and unite people of multiracial, multiethnic and multicultural backgrounds through their jewellery, and to drive conversation by elevating the voices of the global mixed community. 

Ruby walks us through Mixed Millennial’s background, as well as the learnings and challenges that come with starting a small business - especially during a pandemic. Ruby also shares her advice for anyone hoping to start their own business.

 Click the link below for the full featured article and to access Mixed Millennial's social media pages and website.



Our November Featured Creative is Rhianna Knight, the founder of Team Timbuktu. Team Timbuktu is a sustainable apparel brand, recycling plastic bottles into its custom engineered fabrics.


Sustainability is a core value for the brand, all products being made in the more responsible way, using recycled fabrics, eliminating plastic packaging and doing everything they can to reduce their environmental impact.


Launching from a crowdfunding campaign and with no compromise on style or sustainability, the brand has received media coverage from heavyweights including Marie Claire, The Urban List, Sporteluxe, Concrete Playground and The Daily Mail, and has been listed as one to watch for it's inclusive and sustainable approach to activewear and outdoors apparel.

Rhianna walks us through Team Timbuktu’s background and the company’s mission to positively change the fashion industry, as well as the learnings and challenges that come with starting a new business. 

Click the link below for the full feature article and to access Team Timbuktu’s social media pages and website. 

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