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I had the pleasure of meeting Ruby Herrera through her boyfriend Sean, a friend and fellow UC Berkeley rower. I asked Ruby to be our first featured creative as I find her story and business that she has built to be extremely inspirational and contributes to conversations we all need to be having right now. Ruby is the co-owner of a wonderful jewellery brand called Mixed Millennial. 

Mixed Millennial designs meaningful, handcrafted pieces that represent and celebrate the mixed identity. Their goal is to connect and unite people of multiracial, multiethnic and multicultural backgrounds around the world through their jewellery, and to drive conversation by elevating the voices of the global mixed community.

Ruby is Mexican-American, born in the United States, and moved to Sydney, Australia in 2019.  Ruby describes her multiethnic background as a beautiful gift and an

opportunity to bridge together cultures. But she says that having a mixed background is also a struggle - the seemingly endless search to fit in, to feel understood, and to feel like you are "enough" of any one identity or culture. 

It was this shared experience that brought Ruby and her co-founder, Taylor (who is biracial), together in college and led them to establish an unbreakable bond as mixed millennials. Ruby and Taylor realized that being mixed is an experience shared by many but discussed by few so they decided - instead of searching for a community, why not create one? They started Mixed Millennial to celebrate mixed identity, with a mission to connect and unite people through jewellery and conversation. By amplifying mixed voices and designing meaningful jewellery, Ruby and Taylor hope to empower others to embrace their identities.

Mixed Millennial’s jewellery line was launched in August of this year. I asked Ruby what it has been like to grow a small business during a global pandemic. I also asked Ruby to share some insight and advice for anyone who is wanting to start their own business. 

“Building a business during a global pandemic has presented many unexpected challenges. We’ve learned that it’s important to pivot, not pause our efforts to adapt throughout its uncertainty. We are passionate about the brand and community we are building, so overcoming the extraordinary challenges we’ve encountered makes the final result that much more worth it and rewarding! My advice would be to create your business with passion - it is what will get you through even the hardest days and toughest challenges”.

Regardless of your background, gaining some insight into the multiracial, multiethnic and multicultural experience is something we can all learn from. I encourage you to dive deep into Mixed Millennial, read the important discussions happening on this wonderful platform, and pick up some seriously great jewellery while you're there! 




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"Create your business with passion - it is what will get you through even the hardest days and toughest challenges"



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